Elder Scrolls Online would be well crafted stories pulling from the lore

I found it hard to come up with a short title to sum the post up, I was tempted by Breton Story Amazing! Or Bring Back the Breton lead writer! But it felt that might be selling the point a little short.

Having played through the Ebon Heart Pact I have been offered the opportunity to experience the other factions and I have got to say I’m blown away by the carefully crafted story of the Daggerfall faction.

Where as the Ebon Heart Pact offered such a dull experience in the terms of story the Breton story has offered choice (in red) and a griping story arc with so many different opponents. Lets have a quick look at what the story of the Ebon Heart Pact involved:

Morrowind = My Guar is missing, My Guar is missing, My Kwarma is missing, Oh and defeat some uber power relic related thing.
Blackmarsh = Hist Tree, Hist Tree, Hist Tree, Hist Sap, Hist Tree egg. Not fair to say thats all in Blackmarsh its pretty much the only thing any argonian says.
Skyrim = Mead, Mead, Mead, Milk drinker. Nords are portrayed as stupid and I wish I could side with the enemy they seemed to have a clue. Elder Scrolls 5 offered a wonderful insight into the Nords, while ESO makes them one note jokes who are stupid, drink meed and have the Ghost of Christmas Present from the Muppets as their singer king.

Elder Scrolls Online would be well crafted stories pulling from the lore

Where as the Daggerfall Covenant offers the chance to be a pirate, investigate murder, decide the fate of a powerful artifact, bring a new settlement on side, battle werewolves, harpies, cultists etc. And the number of tough choices to be made, even on side quests blows the choices in the entire pact conversations out the water. And when you go back in the past you change the future. A lot of these choices are really grey do I go one way or the other. And all this is just in the starting areas. And even better the NPCs seem clued up and interesting as is the story.

In short the future content needs to follow the Breton example, there needs to be choices and good choices. There needs to be well crafted stories pulling from the lore and offering the player interesting battles against a variety of opponents. And please ton down the one dimensional stero typing of nords. Softening the accent wouldn’t hurt either even hearing the accent now makes me cringe cause I know something stupid is about to follow either about mead, milk drinking or a combination of the two.

Now I’m sure plenty of people have their own opinion about the stories and which is the most interesting faction. All I hope to do is bring to light how well crafted and filled with choice the Breton story is and how I hope that in any future story instalments the other factions get the same sort of experience bringing a diverse mix of story to the game and I hope the Dev’s take notice and build on all the excellent things they did right with the Bretons.


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