FASTEST way to LEVEL UP in ESO! (Elder Scrolls Online Quick Tips for PC, PS4, and Xbox One)

Well everybody, it’s now time to spend time leveling up. But wait. Hold on… There MUST be a faster way, there MUST be some sort of guide that will allow you to level up QUICKLY without having to just grind monsters all day… there might be a solution…

Feels like its taken me forever to get to the mid 20s. I just want to play in Cyrodil already. Last time I went I blindsided a mage with a sneak attack combo that took like a centimeter away from his health. He turned around and cast a spell that instantly pulverized me. This actually doesnt work if those cities arent under your factions control. im aldmeri dominion, every one of those named cities are taken by pact. i tried picking up a quest at brumah and got chased out by pact guards.

Anyone wanna help me in xb1 (gt-SoNiC0028) I can’t grind by myself tht much I’m a nightblade ,in ebonheart pact I’m currently lvl 9 I need help if anyone can please and thank you, don’t really know we’re to grind.


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