The tyranny of the minority? Why is Zennimax changing Vet Content?

It is interesting as we face the upcoming changes to Veteran content that there are two (2) polls on this forum asking if veteran content is too difficult. In both cases approximately 60% of the population says No it is not.

That leaves about 40% on the table that want change, of this 40% some 10-15% want just a small change. That leaves a smallish minority (25-30%) that seems to be driving large scale change.

The tyranny of the minority? Why is Zennimax changing Vet Content?

What proportion of any new games player base leave after the initial period?

  • I have been on many new games and it seems to me about 30-40% disappear after the first 3 months. I think these are reasonably well off early adopters that look for novelty and the rush to level. I say this because I joined a number of guilds based on the beta forums and met / played with these folks, I watched them jump from game to game and it was not a small group (some 50 odd people) It also became clear that there were many more like them because of the inter-guild comradely. I also discovered that a large proportion of these folks were heavy users of gold sellers to get their early kicks and advantage. AND they were heavy critics of every game, both in forums and sad to say review sites.
  • I have abandoned all contact with these folks after I saw the pattern. I hated being stranded with a viable character in an empty guild. Colour me stupid if you will.
  • In my view such players should never have an impact on the games development. They will never stick around long enough to warrant the investment.

Zenimax, made a good decision in my view when they made the tutorial areas optional. The decision to take them off the “Critical Path” was made based on player feedback, which was highly negative at the time (Beta). But they did not remove them entirely.

  • Of these people that were highly negative, how many are still around? I suspect not many! They are plying their trade elsewhere now.
  • Oddly, I see that most players seem to do the island content even though it is optional. Is it the shards?
  • The Magic in Zenimax’s decision was to make it optional content. So why not find a way to make the Veteran Level difficulty optional with scaled rewards? Maybe it will be (crosses fingers)

You cannot please everyone so I wonder what an acceptable Minority is?

  • How big is the group that will never be satisfied (In a general population, it usually runs at 5-15%).
  • Given the disproportionate weight given to strongly negative “Nay Sayers” I have to wonder about the impact of these folks on the game.

It might be just me but I am feeling the tyranny of the Minority a bit. Dumbing down robs us of development resources that could be enriching the game making it richer and more diverse. I do not want the game dumbed down to satisfy folks that have no intention of staying anyway, whist dissatisfying a majority that has more likely committed to stay.

If only there was a way to make things optional to appease folks that find life to difficult. Of course they would complain they did not get the best stuff, but then again, it was afterall, their choice.


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